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Every Message In One Place

Take your customer interaction to the next level with Risvea – reach more customers with effective and efficient communication channels.

See all of your incoming and outgoing text messages in one place, whether they’re automated messages or manual replies.

Be channel agnostic 

No matter where the conversation started, Risvea keeps it organized.

Text Message & Email Automation

Make your follow-ups effortless! Our pre-built automations let you customize messages to fit your brand, or use them as-is. Increase lead conversions & reduce no-shows - with Risvea!

Get started in seconds

Connect your channels and start messaging right away.

Chat with context.

See the history of every conversation and interaction.

  • First contact within seconds

  • Consistent automated follow-up

  • 5-star review request campaign

  • Automatic appointment reminders

Webchat, Facebook & Google My Business Integration


Turn Messages Into Revenue

Convert website, Facebook and Google My

Business visitors into customers. Engage visitors

immediately with live chat, or save time by auto-

responding with our AI chatbot.


2-Way Text Messaging


Phone Call Recordings

All phone calls made or received through Risvea are recorded so you can go back and confirm details anytime you need.

All Communication In One Place

Easily manage communication with prospects in one inbox. Never forget a text, email, or call again - with Risvea, every conversation is accounted for.


Send & Receive Emails

Connect your email to see all automated and manual emails alongside text messages, calls and social messages.


Need to make my own copy of this

Easy Social Messaging

Respond to questions via Facebook Messenger, Google My Business or Instagram, without switching apps or windows.


Now you can easily understand whether the money you are spending on marketing is bringing you new clients. Monitor all your marketing channels to determine which ones are generating the most revenue.


See Your ROI in Real-Time

Effortly gain insight into the revenue generated by each marketing channel, allowing you to make data-driven choices on where to allocate resources.


Discover the Source of Your New Clients

Track each lead by their original traffic source, so you can easily calculate how many patients you’re winning with Facebook, Google, referrals and more.

I like this grey colour 


Optimize Your Front Desk

Enhance your team's effectiveness and efficiency. Increase your client bookings while minimizing no-shows. Eliminate time-wasting activities that hinder your team's productivity.


Online Scheduling

Let your new patients request appointments online instantly to boost conversion rate and reduce time wasted in phone queues.

Probably need to put white background between pink and grey


Appointment Reminders

Send automated text messages to new patients before their appointment to reduce no-shows and cancellations by up to 22%.


Chat Widget

Chat with potential patients while they’re on your website. Answer questions and book appointments in real-time.

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